"I am not what has happened to me, I am what I choose to become" ~ Jung


Jay is a rare find. She combines old-fashioned professionalism with world class skill and sensitivity to teach and rewire for genuine results. In her sessions there is no airy-fairy mucking around; she works quickly and effectively to identify and deeply understand contributing factors to low/poor self esteem.  She is a practitioner who really gets to the root of a problem and teaches you how to eliminate or mould your thoughts, and actions to change your world. Elora, Director. Sydney

Jay really helped me approach my life in a different way.  After just a few weeks I felt calmer, more in control and able to cope with the problems that life throws at you in a far more measured way.  She is friendly, approachable and will leave you with tools that will help you make the most of your life.  I would highly recommend her.  Simon, Lawyer. London

Jay is amazing. She is a great listener, someone who goes well beyond the surface and takes off each and every one of the masks we all wear. Solution focused and goal centered, Jay has the skills and the passion to help you navigate your emotions, thoughts, and belief system. The sessions with her were the best investment I made in myself, both personally and professionally.  Raluca, Investment Professional. London

Jay worked together methodically through issues had been troubling me until I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and felt I was able to cope.  She is able to draw on diverse personal and professional experience to relate and understand people from different walks of life and backgrounds. You cannot help but being drawn to Jay by her positive energy, enthusiasm for life. Julia, Oil Trading. London

I feel so blessed to have met Jay on my personal journey of transformation. Within just a few sessions I was able to release some long entrenched fear-based beliefs that I had not been able to approach in 3 years of traditional therapy work.  Jay masters a variety of tools and techniques that make each session both empowering and uplifting. I can't recommend her enough.  Penelope, Professor of Art & Design. Paris

When I started seeing Jay I felt sad, disconnected and out of touch with my own thoughts and feelings. Within the first three sessions only, I had countless eye opening moments that really helped me understand myself. I have since learnt how to observe my own thoughts and feelings, express and communicate my emotions and deal with difficult situations. Jay is a light in this world and I am grateful to her. Lisa, Graphic Designer. London

I am really enjoying working with Jay and have been impressed at how effective CBT has been. It is giving me a new, calmer perspective and is providing me with tools to have more positive and relaxed relationships with other people. Anonymous, Lawyer. London

Jay is an exceptional listener as well as providing very wise counsel.  I have really benefitted from the self-awareness she has guided me to through her non-judgemental approach, helping me to work through my issues and find the solutions that lie within. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jay’s services to anyone.  Charlotte, Project Support Manager. East Sussex

Jay has an exceptional talent to listen to and decipher complex issues and offer practical real world solutions. She is sympathetic yet firm. She will change your outlook on life. I highly recommend her.  Anonymous, Lawyer.  Arizona

Jay has taught me how to control my emotions and harness them in a more productive and healthy way, something that had not been part of my previous education. She is a great listener, a person with which you can easily engage with in a genuine discussion. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jay as it was an experience I will forever cherish.  Mihai, Software Developer. London

Jay is a very unique individual in that she truly listens, observes & cares about what you say & how it makes you feel. She offers the right balance in terms of friendly and helpful but in a very professional manner. Jay also draws from her own life experience & expertise to help you see things from a different perspective. I highly recommend Jay, she is very discreet and approachable.  Sandra, Medical Secretary. London

Jay manages to blend an open mind with a no nonsense approach.  She is supportive through difficult topics with a sensitive but steadfast manner.  Alex, London